In life it is our natural tendency to ensure others are taken care of despite our own wellbeing.  This is true when dealing with children and other members of the family and tends to fall on women more often than men.  However, when we allow stress and substance abuse to take over, it is vital that we take steps to get help.  The first thing that you need to do is contact a behavioral health center phoenix, or one near you, and see what they can do for you.

Take a step back

Take a step back and reflect on yourself and your life.  In most cases we will be trying to solve the world’s problems out of some form of obligation or belief that no one else will step up and do it.  If this is the case and no one else will step up, then you need to have a frank conversation with those you are helping and try to find a common ground or way of handling the situation.

Find time for yourself

We all need time for ourselves.  We need time to sit in peace and quiet.  We need to look into ourselves and ask if what we are doing is really working.  If it is not, then we need to find a different direction to travel and start making arrangements to find time for yourself.

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Accept change

Before you can make a change you have to accept change.  When things are not going well in your life you need to make a change.  You need to be willing to do things differently and start putting yourself first.  It isn’t possible to take the entire world’s problems on your shoulders.  Others need to take responsibility for what they do and what they don’t do.  If you put yourself first, then the chances of turning to drugs and alcohol and putting your life in a negative position are lessened.  Put yourself first.

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